About - Aeryn North

Aeryn North

Aeryn is a photographer, artist, experimentalist, explorer.

She lives in a village called Cheadle within Manchester city, UK. 

[more to follow..]

This Website

This is a journaling website, an archive of artistic, and expressive works. 

It's built using the Smugmug platform. Various attempts have been made over the years to collect works but for various reasons haven't worked out.

Mainly, this website is a catch-all journal organised roughly by date work was originally created. In time, there may be an attempt to create tagged, and categorised galleries of work. 

Please visit the /Journal/ page as a starting point. It is (or will be) organised like a blog..

In the Journal, work is organised by year, and published either as a gallery of images or a written page of mixed content. Hopefully it will make sense. The presentation, or style of each 'post' might be a little eclectic.


Please watch this space for subscription options, or visit one of Aeryn's social network profiles to keep up to date..



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